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We are a 501©3 non-profit organization started in 1991 with the following Purpose Statement: “To support and perform medical, biomedical and pharmacologic scientific research and educational activities and those related thereto, such as may benefit the public at large and not of a type ordinarily carried on incident to commercial, industrial or private interests.” Offices currently located on the grounds of the Salem VA Medical Center in Building 77,1 st floor. We manage all non-VA funded research such as pharmaceutical, governmental grants (NIH, DoD, etc.), Foundation grants, and Investigator initiated research. While we are non-profit, because we deal with the veterans we do have congressional oversight to make sure that we have no conflict of interest issues. We have a variety of studies going at the present time to include, but not limited to research on diabetes and other endocrine disorders, cardiac, PTSD, Alzheimers, influenza, pulmonary, geriatrics, HIV, wound care, etc.

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